Screen Muncher Update v.4.0.1 Full ( BBM Connected )

Posted by Zberry on 3 May 2012

- Now with BBM -
- BBM Connected -

Use Screen Muncher to:
* Munch BlackBerry Messenger BBM conversations and post them directly to Twitter! (other copy-cat apps can't do this!)
* Munch funny or stupid late-night messages to save or share with friends
* Munch your favorite Facebook, WhatsApp, Foursquare, Twitter, or other message, social network post, status or pic
(tip: assign to convenience key!)
* Munch and save an image that you normally wouldn't be able to from a web site like Facebook
* Munch your BlackBerry theme and show it off to friends
* Munch a map from Google Maps, BlackBerry Maps, etc. so you can use it later for directions
* Munch a recipe you got online to refer to later
* Munch your calendar and send it to your friends
* Munch a game level you've achieved or scoreboard you reached and post it
* Munch a frame in a music or YouTube or other video

* Make discreet Munches by turning the sound off!
* To Munch a browser screen/web page, assign Screen Muncher to a convenience key
* Assign Screen Muncher to a BlackBerry convenience key and you can easily and quickly Munch ANY screen including your home screen!
* Go here to see a video on what Screen Muncher can do!

* Customize Screen Muncher color - 11 to choose from!
* Customize Munch sound - 8 to choose from!
* Remove the Screen Muncher watermark
* Turn the sound off to make discreet Munches when others are around on in quiet places like classroom

Tips Connect BBM :
Setelah Capture > Pilih Share > Pilih BBM.

Required :
BBM6 and OS 4.6 or higher

*Support OS 7 + OS 7.1