Fancy Text v1.1

Posted by Zberry on 3 May 2012

For you who like fancy texts and Gaol, BB, Fancy Texts will convert normal text into fancy text. The way is easy, after you install this application, go to compose Email, SMS, or oil and then press the menu and write the text you want converted, then choose your favorite kind of fancy text, there are 13 kinds of selected text.

Fancy Texts Before using, make sure the Data Coding disett to UCS2 (the default setting in 7-bit Data Coding) by going to the SMS icon, press menu and click Options >> Data Coding >> UCS2. When this setting is not done, then the converted text will not be perfectly legible.

Support for Email, SMS, and fuel
Many choices of fancy text
The use of easily
Support for OS 4.6 upwards