Signal Booster 3.1.2 - Support for better cellular connection

Posted by Zberry on 28 Apr 2013

[Image: SignalBooter.jpg]

You are in a weak signal strength areas and you do not want to miss important phone calls at this time. With Signal Booter you will feel better about the quality of their cellular phone applications will support enabled stronger broadcast frequency so will help connect your phone more stable than just Click "Boost ". This software will support good for the weak wave machine or network line 2 in Vietnam unstable waves as 8830, 9630, 9500, ...

[Image: 2194a5e2_91843-jpg.7144]

[Image: 2194a5e2_9190-jpg.7142]

[Image: 2194a5e2_91914-jpg.7145]

Spoiler :
Software Name: Signal Booter
Vendor: S4BB limited
Version: 3.1.2
Support: OS 4.6 or higher