Future II updated to v2.0

Posted by Zberry on 28 Apr 2013

If you have questions or need tech support please contact me before posting a review, I can t see who you are and therefore cannot respond in reviews** Real OS 10 Like Homescreen;Real OS 10 Icons;Real OS 10 Wallpaper;All of Real OS 10 . - HS Weather icon(slot0) or Camera icon switch; - HS Today area display or hide switch; - Big Time show; - Battery charging animation; - Two windows Animated transitions switch like OS 10 lock or unlock; - HD icons of Real OS 10; - Rollerball and touch screen was Perfected combination; - Every theme Size is less than 1MB; - U must love it ! I belive ! U will never refuse her ! **The OS 7 theme will take the icons of folder disappears . But this does not affect the use. You can use the search function to find them. You can move the icons to the folder if you want to hide the icons. So that others can not find them. It can be said is unique to the new features in your OS 7 BB**. v2.0 Add page 2 and page 3 ! Touch the blanks to change or use the rollerball.