Vendor XML Remover V1.2 (update)

Posted by Zberry on 19 Aug 2012

VENDELETE+ is an updated, more sophisticated version of the VENDELETE tool I published late last year. Unlike the original VENDELETE which targets known locations of RIM Vendor.xml files, VENDELETE+ searches your entire drive for the files, no matter where they are located.

As a bonus, it also gives you the option of clearing the list of your previously installed apps from the Windows registry. "Huh," you may be saying? Perhaps you do not know this: When you use Loader.exe to install a new apps to your BlackBerry, Loader saves a list of the app names and their Windows file locations to the registry. That way, the next time you run Loader to install an OS, it knows exactly where your apps are (or used to be) for reinstallation. Deleting this list makes it easier to load a clean OS -- you can reinstall your backed up apps later using Loader's "Add..." button. BE SURE YOU HAVE AN .ALX FILE FOR YOUR BACKED UP APPS BEFORE YOU DELETE THIS LIST!

Here's the embedded Help file:


VENDELETE+ scans your entire system drive for occurrences of
BB vendor-specific configuration (Vendor.xml) files and
gives you an option to delete found files. As a precaution,
only RIM Vendor.xml files can be deleted with VENDELETE+.

VENDELETE+ also gives you the option to clear your previous
BB apps list from the Windows registry. Clearing this list
prevents your apps from displaying in Loader.exe to aid you
in performing a 'clean' OS installation, hybrid or regular.
You will not be prompted unless the registry key exists and
the procedure does not delete the applications themselves.

VENDELETE+ has two optional parameters:
vendelete+ /a = Automatic delete/clean (no prompting)
vendelete+ /(other) = Display this help screen

Download VENDELETE+ here

There's no installation necessary -- simply unzip and run the program.

DISCLAIMER: This program assumes you know what you are doing. Certainly, I don't know what you're doing and neither does VENDELETE+! In other words, you take full responsibility, as every mature person should.