Past Chat - Send BBM Chat History to your Email v.1.0

Posted by Zberry on 25 Aug 2012

With Past Chat you can email your BlackBerry Messenger Chat History to you email address in an easy to read excel file format.

See all you Contacts listed by Pin Number, Easy to add names
Search BBM Pins
Even the deleted contacts history can be retrieved and sent to email

1. BBM is a very secure application so we cannot extract display names of your contacts, we can however extract their BBM PIN numbers.
2. Past Chat allows you to assign a Contact name to a PIN number so once you have setup Pastchat you will have all your contacts listed by name rather then PIN number.
3. Some patience, Copy and Pasting between BBM and PastChat is required but once done it will be saved and you can feel free to update and use the app all you like.

Supported Models:
All Devices with OS 5 and higher