VNBBUtils v.

Posted by Zberry on 22 Mar 2012

Key features:

- View information on the devices: Model, OS is used. Allows time synchronization with the computer and restart the computer from Blackberry.

- Remove IT Policy with a single mouse button (Factory Reset), remove the operating system to easily install the new OS to BB (Wipe Device) Support for the Blackberry operating system (OS Install) .

- Allows viewing and cleaning EventLog, clean up trash on the RAM and Flash memory of the Blackberry.

- View information on the entire software Blackbery: including system software (Core OS) and software to install the third party. Also allows backup and delete the software.

- Allow Backup of its application Tuesday with the 1 button (backup applications). And can reinstall the entire application with application recovery functions.

- Install the application from the JAD file or COD file (JAD file to install from would be better).

- Create a JAD file from COD file (and if there ALX file) & create ALX file from the JAD file Tags COD respectively.

- Capture current screen of the Blackberry, can save the file as PNG, JPG, BMP or copying to the Clipboard for easy paste (paste) into other applications such as Paint, Photoshop or Word, Outlook ... In addition, you can film the screen and save the file AVI BB, great for demos, guide ...

- Support for OTA download application from the link, this feature has been enhanced to be able to download the correct version of the software fit your Blackberry, you can download all the links are not directly to the JAD file as of mobihand ...

- Convert JAR to COD file for easy installation on Blackberry.

- Create Screen Engineering activation code.

- IP Modem function: supports only PCs with BDM from v5.0.0 or lower (for v5.0.1 and above from BDM IP Modem was available then).

- Quick Installation (Quick Install): this function helps to install the software from computer to BB too simple. No need to BDM, without opening vnbbUtils, BB just connected to the computer, open Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder containing the software and select the JAD file to install, right click and select Install (vnbbUtils). Without the JAD file, you can choose COD file and right click and select Install (vnbbUtils) (can select multiple files COD)


- Windows XP or higher

- BDM version you are, but should be used from v5.0.0 or higher.

Changed logs === ===
21/08/2011 - version
- Added support of the new BlackBerry
- Supports 64-bit Win
- Fixed some minor bugs

Change log
v2.0.4.1 – 28/08/2011
- Support latest BlackBerry 7
- Support Install multiple JAD files
- Support Win-64bits
- a little bug fixed.